lots of people are looking on internet how to buy cryptocurrency using credit card some information so i decided to create a post the legit way to buy cryptocurrency using credit card in this article i guide step by step to buy any cryptocurrency online.

Stet 1

first create an account on Paybis after creating an account you will able to create a transaction there is two option on this site you can buy bitcoin or lite coin using credit card but bitcoin price is higher then lite coin so you can buy lite coin from the site and before you buying coin you have to create an account on  litecoin lite wallet its a simple step to create an account in just 2 mints. and click to generate an litecoin address.

Now You have a litecoin wallet first you need to buy litecoin on paybis.com write the amount on paybis minimum 50$ and maximum you can .

Buy cryptocurrency using credit card 1

Now Click on Start transaction they want to login to your account when you login  then write the lite coin address on below

and click continue button the the transaction start like this

Buy cryptocurrency using credit card 4

Now Click on continue to checkout button fill up the detail and after payment they redirect the page or you got the litecoin on you wallet with in 1 mints.

Step 2

Now When you got the lite coin on your wallet then start how to buy any coin you want its a simple step Go to the site shapeshift.io and select you want to sell lite coin and want whatever coin search in the list like this

Buy cryptocurrency using credit card 5

Here i want ripple coin so i chose the coin next click to continue button they ask the ripple address and litecoin address like

Buy cryptocurrency using credit card 6

Now after fill the coin address click on the accept check box and start the transaction when you click the transaction button a new screen appear where the lite coin wallet address is mansion you just send a amount of litecoin  how much you need when you send the coins they received after a few seconds they send you other coins on you wallet after athe box show you write the email address on it and they send you your transaction receipt

Recipt is like this

Hello ShapeShifter,

Thank you for your order.

Order Summary:
Order Number: ea7fd73c30
You Deposited: 1000 DOGE
You Received: 8.65813000 BLK
The exchange took 98 seconds

Deposit Address: DGmmG2RtUQDaWvon9M9cw8pevMcEeRxxxe
Withdraw Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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How to Buy cryptocurrency Using Credit / Debit Card Online

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