What is Focus ?

how to improve focus and concentration means being able to pay attention to one thing at a time  without distraction. While doing work many things start to come up in your mind which direct you to let the work remain unattended or make quality of work being compromised.  The main benefit of having focus and strong mind is to allow you to make efficient utilization of given resources to complete your work at the desired standards.  These are the some real life tricks to make your life more productive.  These are easy and will  help you to build your professional career for a better life.

In this eye catching article, we will explore different reason which might keeping you away for getting your desire results. Further, different strategies to overcome your lack of concentration at work to make your cover up your most of work with easy .

Why Can’t I Focus ?

how to improve focus and concentration

how to improve focus and concentration  ? Before starting to work on different reasons , first of all we need to dig out the reason why I can’t Focus ?

all you need to do is that go one by one and sort out accordingly and prioritize to solve one by one to effect approaches and results.

Poor time management: Time Management is an essential skills for increase productivity and enhancement of professional skills. Somehow,  it is related to your habits of doing unnecessary Multitasking or unable to have a confidence  to delegate different task which badly effect your management.

Lack of sleep: Sleep is one greatest gift provided by God to human beings. Keeping the the natural circle disturb, will led you life miserable. Believe me that Days are meant to work and nights are give to take rest in general.  Lack of sleep eventfully make your focus out both in personal and professional life.

Stress : You are  overall stressing yourself out which if taken certain action will help you out from the stress related matters.

Nutritious Diet: Your are not planning your diet properly or focusing on same diet over a longer period of time.

Lack of Exercise: You are not taking part in physical activities which make your body have hormonal imbalance led to lack of concentration at work

Tips to improve Focus and Concentration.

how to improve focus and concentration

1. Prioritize Your Tasks

how to improve focus and concentration , Always complete the big and important tasks first without delay. through this way, you can have more focus on what matters in your life the most, and after finishing them, you can very easily complete the smaller or less important tasks without worry. Create a time management chart or   write down in your note book with four sections like this:

  • Quadrant 1 or Note 1 has tasks (always)  that are both important and urgent. without any delay of thinking about other things, these task need to be completed right away. For example sending an email, a last minute meeting or pressing email are all examples which may be put to end if it was completed first without wasting any time.
  • Quadrant 2 or Note 2 has tasks (Always ) that are very  critical, important and help you reach your professional goals or targets. These general work in your professional life daily activities where time management plays a vital role. I recommend you have to spend most of your time and effort in this quadrant or note 2.
  • All task which you may includes like making a workable plan, continuous improvement plans and any other which will help your professional life much better than the previous one must be put in this note or quadrant.
  • Quadrant 3 or Note 3 has tasks that are some how urgent but not so important. these task may also be delegated to other person to save time and energy and return to your note 2 task.
  • Quadrant 4 or Note 4  has all tasks that waste time your precious time during the day without yielding any productive outcomes. Ultimately, not helping to reach for your career or personal life objectives. Examples watching TV for longer hours, Using social media for no reason and making unnecessary phone calls.  Try to avoid these tasks as much as you can.

2. Allocate Time for Recharging:

At times, different studies has showed that taking break from the work can help you out to regain your focus. The continuous engagement in long work hours can make you sick and effect on your productivity. Therefore, It is recommended that you must take some break during your work hours. In this time, you have to do work that you love must like go for walk, prepare a lunch, meet with a friends, laugh or having coffee. These activities will boast your productivity to many fold.

3. Maintain a Tidy and Structured Workspace

Take five or ten minutes daily in the morning, do always clean your work place. A messy workplace make your day bad and you started to feeling frustrated without any strong reason.  I would recommend not to read news paper . If you found trash or unnecessary things , throw it away. Your need and clean environment make you feel better. This will ultimately effect on your increase productivity.

Being a responsible professional , do set your time for your workers or co workers. Ultimately, this will help you out to know what is going on and what measures can be taken to have more productivity. The most effective approach is learn the concept of Kaizen (Continuous improvement). This concept is one of the greatest tool in maintain a tidy and structed workspace.

 4. Celebrate your little daily achievements

Always aim for highest goal and everyone should dream of it. It is always necessary to divide the greatest dream into a smaller dreams. it happens when the dream is big, we somehow create doubts in our believes.  Strong practical approach is to divide into smaller one, Focus on achieving them one by one. Make a connection of this to make it large. Do celebrate after achieving each goal. This will increase your interest, enthusiasm and approaches and will make your doubts disappeared.

5. Share Your Work Guidelines

The key strategy to improve your focus and concentration at work is to always share your work guidelines. This will help others to know about your daily routine. Similarly they will come to know your priorities and will adjust accordingly. This will increase your productivity many folds and help you to achieve your targets.

6. Exercise during the day

During  the day,  doing exercise is very helpful for your body and hormonal balance. Exercise make stress disappear. All frustrations that has build up in your day after going through different brain work has just vanished through doing physical exercise.  You don’t need to join or gym , there are many exercise which can be easily managed at workplace. Make sure your body must feel that you are doing some physical work.

7. To do List.

Just go through the life of every successful person, they all have this most authentic ability to create a do list for the next day before going to sleep. This will make them realize the importance of next day work. Planning a day before is very important to increase your focus.  This will ultimately help you make sure what different task will be doing tomorrow. So start creating your to do list.

8. Eat energizing foods.  

Diet is one of the important factors leading to increase your concentration and focus at work.  A healthy well maintained diet can boost your energy and  mood to a optimum level.  Selecting the Right Foods or meal can create a big difference in your daily routine. Always have the habits of including major portion of your food that comes from natural resource. Try to avoid processed food as possible as you can. Balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein can help in increasing your energy and focus level all day long.

9. Spend time in nature

Nature has tremendous effect when it come to increase your concentration at work. When you found yourself over burden or little tired, Just go for a short walk in the park. Different Researcher has recommend that nature is good for your mental health and body. I would recommend to have some indoor plants in your workplace  that will help you out in mitigation the focus issues.

how to improve focus and concentration can be tough, as many distractions are there to fight in our lives. But by fueling  above mention 9 tips and tricks in your life , you focus and concentration in work can be increased by many fold. By adopting any , you can feel how much difference it created in your personal and professional life.